a dirty laser print copy of the poem.

For a walk flinch dispel by accident lusty to ewer grassland.
When townspeople blur.
They’re longship headlong down desirable,
into sweatshop gutless.
How much analysis mesmerist opposite woolgathering,
at home wobble enigma off examine.
Close to factorise, across In love shame.
Spotless prolapse off digestive sleek, could balk.
It is an crotchet hardihood of monumental,
at home hostelry circadian.
Step by step restrict, with monarchy?
That’s curvature, could convenient downright.
For breakfast desecrate, might Which pushy.
By mistake movements patronymic is relapse,
alongside shibboleth limp. Your owlet, determinant…
Over steenbok wack phenomenally.
This is simulated neither mews dialogue wonky.
When wastrel, these tantalise?

I am an benediction orlon commissariat?

[some junk mail author wrote me this poem, 2021