printed copy on purple left over paper


still allowed to work
read aloud allowed allowed
in a store once i saw this shirt with a print
— ready for work —
i did not buy it and still regret
slick move to wear that shit shirt
in an interview no
a friend told me about current videocall
rituals at work
competing for the funniest background
the club toilet won
you can only enter that famous club by guest list
how did they make money in the first place
now they shut down
not allowed to club
allowed to work allowed in shops
aloud apply for jobs
interteleview but not the funny ones
serious background first
join the club
a white wall will do
even a plant could be risky
modern offices don’t accept plants
modern offices remind you to economize the printer
don’t use it
use digital cloud, do they still have clouds
i’m out
no life in offices
no jobs in offices
i care for plants at home
+ print out all my notes