a wiktionary poem


My manoeuvrability is limited. I don’t have many options left.
The new novel was optioned by the film studio, but they’ll probably never decide to make a movie from it.
Let’s go to the movies.
Why don’t you go with us?
Give us a look at your paper.
A paper of pins, tacks, opium, etc.
I spent most of my time in the arcade playing pins.
Time slows down when you approach the speed of light.
We could go to the shore next week, or somewhere else if that’s not your speed.
The seamen were serving on shore instead of in ships.
To ship freight by railroad.
Railroads can only compete fully if their tracks are technically compatible with and linked to each-other.
This printer isn’t compatible with my computer.
I’m only in grade 2, so I only know how to print.
Clancy is entering the fifth grade this year.
She had planned to enter the legal profession.
My father was a barrister by profession.
Come, father; you can sit here.
Sit him in front of the TV and he might watch for hours.
For some must watch, while some must sleep: So runs the world away.
Welcome to my world.
You are welcome to the use of my library.
I can’t find my book.
He was frustrated because he couldn’t find anything about dinosaurs in the book.
It frustrates me to do all this work and then lose it all.
I lost my way in the forest.
A forest of criticism.
The politician received a lot of public criticism for his controversial stance on the issue.
Yeah, I just got the June issue of Wombatboy.
It is a just assessment of the facts.
Let’s look at the facts of the case before deciding.
We must decide our next move.
I was sitting on the sofa for a long time, feeling too lazy to move.
Lazy writing.

(2020, a wiktionary chain poem, built from example sentences, starting with “manoeuvrability”)